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1- Brand, Patent, Utility Models and Industrial Designs:

  • Any kind of legal and criminal cases arising from Industrial property
  • Invalidity Proceedings
  • Fight against counterfeit Trademarks and Industrial designs
  • Defense of assult made by Internet, moral and material compensation cases
  • Prevention of Internet search engines by Brand attacks
  • Trademark protection
  • Invalidity of the Brand
  • Preparation of the License agreement
  • Case originated from the License agreement
  • Compensation for the loss of Brand reputation
  • Determination of well-known Brand

2- Regarding to Industrial property:

  • To Identify evidence
  • Monetary compensation
  • Caused assults to Brand, Patent and Industrial Design rights
  • Arising from the invalidity of intellectual property rights
  • Industrail property rights caused by invalidity
  • For annulment of the decision of the relevant institutions
  • Officially opened invalidity proceedings
  • Contract rights arising from lawsuits
  • The elimination of assault cases
  • Requesting in Cases that there are no assaults
  • Determination of assault
  • Negative Clearance
  • Negative Clearance(Intellectual and Artistics Works contracts
  • Patent (Law of torts because of loss of the Invention reputation
  • The determination of Patent license detection
  • Patent (Compulsory license and on the recognition of the rights of first use
  • Adaptation of the Contract
  • Recognition and Enforcement

3- Capital Consulting Company and Mercantile Law

  • Unfair Competition cases
  • Disputes arising from Commercial contracts
  • Commercial receivable cases
  • Defective execute
  • Cancellation proceedings of the General Assembly decision
  • Company Organizations, Capital Increases, Plenary Session, Changing Prime Contract, Merger, Acquisitions
  • The preparation of all kinds of English and Turkish languages in National and International Commercial Contracts.
  • Attorney services
  • Follow-Up of creditor and monitoring of the Execution process

4- Real Estate Litigations

  • Deed Cancel and Registration Cases
  • Correction of Cadastral declarations
  • Cadastral error corrections
  • Saving Time out cases
  • Correction of the title deeds

5- Bankruptcy Law

  • Proceeding of, running account,decision, preparation and follow-up monitoring of Exchange
  • Foreclosures cases
  • Follow-up performed by the conversion of Mortgage Money
  • Cases arising from the Bankruptcy Law
  • Postpone Bankruptcy proceedings